Web Pioneer Moves Into Emerging Cannabis Industry

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Web Pioneer Moves Into Emerging Cannabis Industry

Web and social media pioneer, Aliza Sherman, entered the legal cannabis industry in March 2016 and identified a need for women-specific information and resources. Sherman opened a cannabis-focused digital marketing firm, Spark The Creative, then launched Her Canna Life, a website featuring women in the cannabis industry. Now, she is launching Ellementa, a cannabis wellness network and resource for women. Ellementa is organizing Gatherings for women in cities across the country including Anchorage, Chicago, Denver, New York City, and San Francisco focused on the health and wellness benefits of cannabis.

“Ellementa sets out to bust myths, erase stigma, and provide women with credible, relevant information about cannabis,” said Sherman. “Like the Internet in the 90s, cannabis is a complex topic often approached with fear. Like the Internet back then, cannabis is poised to make a tremendous, positive impact on our economy and our lives, and women can and should benefit from that.”

In 1995, Sherman started the first woman-owned Internet company, Cybergrrl, Inc., and the first organization for women to learn about the Internet, Webgrrls, International, that peaked at 100 chapters worldwide with 30,000 participants. That year, Newsweek named her one of the “Top 50 People Who Matter Most on the Internet.”

Sherman is not the only Internet professional moving from the tech industry to cannabis. Ex-Googler Alan Gertner started Tokyo Smoke, a cannabis lifestyle brand and ex-Googler Michael Garganese, Jr. started Lola Lola, a producer of high-end cannabis products. Ex-Apple employee, Eric Eslao, launched edibles company, Défoncé Chocolatier. Veteran PayPal executive, Dave Peck, recently joined Kind Financial, a cannabis technology and compliance solutions company. Sherman is leading the way for women in the tech industry transitioning into the legal cannabis space.

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