CBD Pure Now Shipping Their Legal Cannabis Oil to 46 States

medicalmarijuana January 24, 2017 Comments Off on CBD Pure Now Shipping Their Legal Cannabis Oil to 46 States
CBD Pure Now Shipping Their Legal Cannabis Oil to 46 States

The rapidly growing market for CBD-rich cannabis oil may soon see remaining obstacles to growth in the form of restrictive drug policy laws vanish, as more and more state legislators and lawmakers take action to officially make CBD more widely available to state residents. International coverage of the plight of Charlotte Figi, a severely ill child whose successful treatment with CBD derived from medical marijuana led to public outcry for changes to state laws to allow access to CBD as a treatment option for people suffering from a variety of medical concerns. Today, 46 of the 50 U.S. states have some allowance, either legislatively or at the enforcement level, that allow consumers to order high-CBD/low-THC products like CBD Pure for themselves.

“Drug policy has been trapped in the dark ages, it’s time state lawmakers recognized the science and benefits of legal cannabis oil that is high in pure cannabidiol, a non-intoxicating component with amazing health benefits.” said Isaac Caruso, a representative for Washington-based Nutra Pure, the makers of the CBD Pure product line. “Unlike marijuana, cannabidiol has no psychoactive effects, is completely safe to consume and has no habit-causing effects, and is completely legal to possess. It’s no surprise that the popularity of CBD as a natural health supplement has exploded even in the face of outdated regulations and confusion about it’s legality.”

CBD derived from industrial hemp as always been covered by a narrow exemption to U.S. drug policy governing marijuana, but only recently has it been expanded to clarify that it is a safe, effective, and legal option for those seeking the health benefits of the cannabis plant, but not the intoxicating effects. Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the two main components of the cannabis plant. Products that are made specifically to minimize the presence of the intoxicating THC while maximizing the concentration of the healthy CBD component are legal to purchase and possess under federal law and court history. States like Kentucky, Maryland, and Missouri have added new exemptions to their state law excluding CBD from the definition of marijuana completely, while states like Virginia, Wisconsin, and South Carolina specifically approve the usage and possession of CBD products as long as their THC content is below a certain level typically .30% or less by volume. Other states like North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Wyoming choose to specifically allow CBD when prescribed by a healthcare professional as a treatment option. Other states rely on some combination of these approaches in their allowance of CBD use and ordering within their state.

So with all these state proactively allowing, and even encouraging, CBD usage by their residents, which 4 states are the lone holdouts? “Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, and West Virginia remain stubbornly opposed to specifically allowing CBD usage, despite its obvious health benefits,” said Mr. Caruso. “While the federal exemptions for industrial hemp-based products would probably provide protection for us to ship to consumers in these states who order online, for now, the ”gray area“ makes CBD producers hesitant to ship there until they clarify or update their policies. For everyone else, orders of CBD Pure can be made online and shipped directly to the doorstep of consumers throughout the rest of the United States.”

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