Hotels That Allow You To Consume Marijuana

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Hotels That Allow You To Consume Marijuana

Legalization and normalization of cannabis is spreading faster than naysayers can contain it, and this is partially due to cannabis’ effects on the economy of the states it’s sold in, as well as visitors experiencing their programs. As this plant becomes as common as a cup of coffee, will it be tolerated in public spaces?

Down the road, there will certainly be innovative businesses catering to cannabis consumers specifically, but for now, it’s really up to each individual business and the laws of their locale. If you’re looking to be a cannabis tourist, you naturally want somewhere safe to toke, considering many cities and states have public use fines.

For your reference and enjoyment, here are some spots that allow consumption.

Geyser Peak Ranch, Geyserville, California

Kirby Hock, owner of Geyser Peak Ranch, let us know precisely why he allows cannabis at his property: “We’ve noticed the stereotype of the cannabis consumer is so far from reality. Our friends and guests are not the people who have traditionally been depicted as stoners. In fact, most consumers of cannabis are nothing like the stereotype. They are professionals, contributing members of society and oftentimes very health and wellness-conscious. In addition, we attract guests who appreciate and understand that true luxury withstands the test of time. When you’re at the ranch, time stands still. Now, imagine that feeling paired with cannabis. It’s quite magical!”

If only more spaces took this attitude. For a combination of wine country accessibility with rugged California mountain scenery, choose Geyser Peak and check out their ultra-hip retreats.

Hicksville Trailer Palace, Joshua Tree, California

Among the first to allow and advertise free use of cannabis (outdoors only for combustion), Hicksville became a haven for people looking to explore the land of Coachella without, well, Coachella. With beautiful desert views and amazing artistic amenities, Hicksville is a must see if you’re on the road between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The Standard Hotels, Downtown L.A. and West Hollywood, CA

A big splash was made when The Standard partnered with CBD product purveyor The Lord Jones. As a guest of their properties, you can shop right off the minbar. That’s not only groundbreaking, it’s the way it should be. As for their fancy rooms, we’d probably stick to vapes and edibles only.

Coral Cove, Little Bay, Jamaica

This off the beaten trail spot in Westmoreland parish provides you with everything you could want from a trip to Jamaica. Snorkeling, white sands, huge buds…it’s all here.

Rockhouse Hotel, West End Negril, Jamaica

Private, sexy, and just the right amount of poppin, Rockhouse is an amazing hotel right on the cliffs of Negril, Jamaica known for their stark infinity pool sunsets and authentic Jamaican specialties at Pushcart Restaurant. The above ‘Now Smoking’ sign says it all. If you need more beach time, their sister property Skylark is brand spankin’ new and ready for the Instagram photos of your dreams just down the road. The parent company does much in the local community, stocking and supporting schools and libraries through their Rockhouse Foundation, through which a donation can win you a free stay during their yearly raffle.

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