Weed Weddings Are the Perfect Way to Promise Someone Forever

medicalmarijuana February 16, 2017 Comments Off on Weed Weddings Are the Perfect Way to Promise Someone Forever
Weed Weddings Are the Perfect Way to Promise Someone Forever

If getting married is on your bucket list, then here’s an idea: Have yourself a nice weed wedding. Weed weddings, as explored in a new Atlantic feature, have become increasingly common since a growing number of states started voting yes to legalization.

Wait. So maybe weddings aren’t the despair factory they’ve cracked themselves up to be?

Bec Koop, who runs Irie Weddings & Events in Denver with business partner Madlyne Kelly, confirmed the awesomeness of weed weddings Monday and said the practice is actually expecting a popularity increase in 2017. Irie Weddings & Events, for example, worked on a dozen weed weddings in 2016 but has already (!!!) booked more than that for the year ahead. “This movement is simply making it more acceptable to enjoy cannabis as part of a group in a social setting at a wedding,” Koop told the Atlantic‘s Elizabeth Limbach.

And what should an attendee at a weed wedding expect, other than two people promising each other an eternity in the presence of cannabis? For some, putting together a weed wedding is as simple as swapping out the celebratory champagne with a celebratory smoke. For those interested in a more communal vibe, there’s the most popular option: a fully stocked bud bar.

If a weed-infused wedding is starting to sound like your cup of tea, here are some stats to potentially push you over the edge. According to data from the National Survey of Family Growth, that oft-repeated estimate that “half of all marriages” end in divorce is actually pretty inaccurate. The chance of marriage #1 (out of however many you so desire) lasting more than a decade was 68 percent for women and 70 percent for men in 2010, according to Refinery 29. When considering the divorce rate peaked at 40 percent back in 1980, those numbers don’t look too abysmal. Must be the weed.

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