Wana Brands Releases New Indica, Sativa Extended-Release Pills

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Wana Brands Releases New Indica, Sativa Extended-Release Pills

Wana Brands, one of Colorado’s largest cannabis edibles producers, has added to its lineup of infused pills in hopes of pleasing consumers looking for more specific effects. The company is now offering extended-release cannabis capsules in indica- and sativa-specific options for high-THC users.

Already available in hybrid form in high-THC, high-CBD and 1:1 ratio varieties, the WanaCapsXR indica and sativa capsules should give users more control in regulating their desired effects, the company says.

Wana’s capsules contain two oil-based compounds known as “fractions,” which bind with cannabinoids in different ways. “The first fraction is highly bio-available and provides a quick onset of the therapeutic effects, generally within twenty to thirty minutes of taking the capsule,” according to the WanaCapsXR description. “This first release of cannabinoids lasts for up to six hours. The second fraction then takes effect, releasing the remaining cannabinoids gradually for a steady, long-lasting experience.”

Effects from WanaCapsXR capsules should last around eight hours, Wana says, and can last as long as twelve. Ingesting cannabis in a pill form is a growing trend among cannabis consumers, especially adults fifty and older, a rapidly increasing consumer demographic for legal marijuana, according to a study published by the Society for the Study of Addiction.

Stratos, another infused-capsule brand, is even holding free educational seminars at Balfour Senior Living centers to teach residents how to use new cannabis products and which ones can help age-related ailments.

“Offering class-specific WanaCapsxr gives patients more options for their treatment,” says Wana Brands co-owner Nancy Whiteman. “When taking the capsules, patients have reported that they have experienced pain reduction without having to dose every few hours. And as more and more communities deal with the deadly opioid epidemic, WanaCapsxr can also offer a pain relief alternative to addictive narcotics.”

On August 7, President Donald Trump again addressed America’s opioid problem, calling it a “deadly epidemic” and announcing plans to increase law enforcement against drugs and beefing up security on the southern border.

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