Tinder-Style Marijuana App Finds Ideal Strains

medicalmarijuana November 29, 2016 Comments Off on Tinder-Style Marijuana App Finds Ideal Strains
Tinder-Style Marijuana App Finds Ideal Strains

Once upon a time, finding great bud meant asking a friend of a friend of a friend if they had any “insert embarrassing code word here” for sale. It wasn’t glamorous, and there certainly were not menus(never mind concentrates and edibles). Today however, fueled by new laws and promising research about the benefits of cannabis, marijuana use has come out of the shadows – and people and patients who who visit recreational and medical dispensaries now have options.

The big problem for today’s cannabis aficionado is no longer merely locating cannabis: it’s finding the right strain or product for their specific preference or symptom. Different strains and forms of marijuana offer different effects – and dispensaries often offer a changing menu that’s hard to keep up with. Enter Budbo, available for both iOS and Android: the app connects marijuana users with strains, edibles and other marijuana products based on the user’s current location and needs or symptoms.

Because the team behind Budbo believes an app is only as good as it is easy-to-use, they’ve crafted an intuitive interface that makes finding locally available strains simple and extremely effective. Similar to that infamous popular dating app ‘tinder’, users are given a photo stack of locally available strains, concentrates, and edibles. A user can then swipe right or left to “puff” or “pass” on the locally available marijuana products. After a few selections are made, budbo makes it simple to review the “puffs” and then get directions to the dispensary carrying the product. If a user is in the mood or need something specific, they can also complete a quick profile with their preferences – and the app takes it from there. Budbo returns recommended strains using “smart strain matching” that are currently available within 5-10 miles of their location.

While a few other marijuana apps have hit the market, the different-tokes-for-different folks approach from Budbo stands out by focusing on matching users with the products they’ll love – instead of just directing them to the nearest dispensary. And, because knowledge is power, Budbo even offers an extensive library loaded with information about the different strains they may encounter on the app. Ready to meet the Mary Jane of the dreams? It’s easy to get started: Budbo can be downloaded for free right now via either Google Play or iTunes. Budbo: Smoke Savvy.

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