This New Strain Of Marijuana Is For Ladies Only

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This New Strain Of Marijuana Is For Ladies Only

Every pot-smoking woman knows a little herb goes a long way when it comes to getting in the mood. I mean, weed is basically the patron saint of getting both your mind and body on board when only half of the pair is DTF. Inspired by this misfiring communication between the head and the heart, instead of puffing away on whatever random-ass weed you find lying around, why not try something specifically designed to invigorate your senses? And I mean all of the senses.

Thanks to Karen Wagner, the founder of Paradigm Medical Marijuana, there’s “Sexxpot,” the indica-dominant strain, which Wagner says will elicit more sexy vibes than a platter of oysters. (I’m paraphrasing, of course.) Unlike most highly potent strains currently keeping modern cannabis consumers on an elevated plain, Sexxpot actually tests at relatively low levels of THC (about 14 percent)––likening the difference to a glass of Prosecco versus a tall shot of straight vodka. This balance makes for a more subdued, euphoric high that should enhance, rather than overwhelm your senses. And because Sexxpot is an indica––albeit lascivious––strain, you should also be able to count on feeling a dope body high.

In an interview with Jane Street Journal, Wagner said “the strain puts women in a ‘sensual’ headspace, enough to make the body more sensitive, but not enough to put them to sleep or get anxious.”

And while some critics say the strain is little more than adept marketing and packaging, there’s plenty of evidence to show THC does indeed increase the likelihood of gettting off.

Still, if you’ve had one too many experiences where you pass out in front of the television, instead of boning, there are always topical options to try, such as Foria’s ultra-reliable line of sprays and suppositories.

Of course, as with any strain of weed, the effects felt will vary with each individual user, and are dependent upon said users’ endocannabinoid system. With that being said, if you’re in the Bay Area, down to smoke some sex-weed, are DTF, and willing to leave the chance for enchancement of your Netflix-and-chilling up to Sexxpot, then what have you really got to lose?

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