Sol Sisters Cannabis Farms Harvests High Potency Crop in Oregon

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Sol Sisters Cannabis Farms Harvests High Potency Crop in Oregon

DCG, the nation’s leading cannabis industry consultancy, announced that its client, Sol Sisters, has harvested a new crop of cannabis that not only passed Oregon’s tough new testing standards, but also was certified with some of the highest THC percentages in the state.

Sol Sisters, well-known growers with over 100 years of farming experience, worked with Denver Consulting Group to devise methods to grow marijuana with high THC levels that would pass Oregon’s rigorous testing standards.

The farm’s harvest included:

  • 9 lb Hammer – with THC at 29.6%
  • Gorilla Glue #4 – with THC at 24.6%
  • Lemon Sour Diesel – with THC at 23.7%

A recent report stated that Oregon’s testing standards are so stringent, as much as 80% of the cannabis crop will fail for some growers, and that over 83 percent of California’s cannabis would not pass.

Many growers turned to pesticides and fungicides to combat recent issues with mites and mold, but with newly implemented testing standards, much of Oregon’s cannabis crop is expected to fail certification.

Doug and Deanna Hart, 3rd generation growers and owners of Sol Sister Farms, say they hope to become the model for Oregoncannabis growers, and demonstrate to regulators and consumers that clean cultivation methods can be implemented to produce a high THC crop that meets the most stringent requirements in the nation.

“While other growers are producing lower THC cannabis and losing as much as 80% of their crop, our client harvested a high potency, clean product,” said Justin Jones, Co-Founder of Denver Consulting Group. “We congratulate Sol Sisters on their success, and look forward to continuing to refine their cultivation methods, while also implementing our expertise in packaging, compliance, and distribution.”

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