Social Life Network Launches New Cannabis Marketing Technology

medicalmarijuana March 14, 2017 Comments Off on Social Life Network Launches New Cannabis Marketing Technology
Social Life Network Launches New Cannabis Marketing Technology

Social Life Network, Inc., owner and operator of WeedLife Networks, one of the leading B2B, B2C and C2C technology platforms for the legal cannabis and hemp industry, announced today the launch of a new marketing feature on called “Weed Pages.”, the cannabis and hemp industry’s largest international business social network, has launched a new online feature called “Weed Pages” to help business owners promote their latest products and services.

If you are familiar with Facebook Pages, then understanding the newest social networking feature on won’t take you long to gather just how powerful this online marketing tool is for cannabis and hemp business owners world-wide.

WeedCircles now provides business owners with the ability to create their own free landing pages for marketing their products and services.  The “Weed Pages” are designed so business owners can invite their customers to follow them on their Weed Page, spotlight new pictures and videos of their products, solicit reviews about their products and services from their customers, and even promote upcoming events or product launches to the entire WeedCircles social network audience.

“In addition to providing cannabis and hemp business owners a better way to social promote their products and services on, we have developed Weed Pages to generate reward points for the page owners so that every time they engage customers and followers of their page they will acquire points that can be redeemed for free banner advertising of their products and services throughout the WeedLife Network,” says Shawn Tapp, CEO and Co-founder of the WeedLife Network.

Tapp adds, “The symbiotic relationship between business owners, their customers, and the WeedLife Network technology platform creates a greater dependency on our company to stay innovative and committed to providing the industry with tools they can count on for years to come.”

Weed Pages were launched in beta earlier this year, and has already seen more than 550 of the top U.S. companies in the cannabis industry generate their own Weed “Landing” Pages (

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