Pot Valet Introduces Cannabis Products for Women – Delivered by Female Drivers

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Pot Valet Introduces Cannabis Products for Women – Delivered by Female Drivers

Pot Valet is a leading provider of premium-grade cannabis in California. With its medical marijuana delivery service available to every city in the state, and soon the whole country, the company offers patients safe, legal, and discreet access to their medicine, eliminating their need to visit a cannabis dispensary.

According to Pot Valet, courier companies should focus on becoming more progressive and protecting women’s rights. Because it offers immediate marijuana delivery right to your doorstep, it is now protecting the privacy of its female patients by sending women drivers to their homes instead of men. Furthermore, the company now stocks only the purest cannabis products for women.

Many women are uncomfortable when strange men arrive on their doorstep, knowing where they live and when they are home. Women seldom allow men onto their property, and such concerns are very valid. Male delivery drivers are unwelcome, especially when women are home alone. Pot Valet no longer sends men to the homes of its female patients. Instead, they now get cannabis by female drivers.

Respecting women’s rights is crucial to every business. In the cannabis delivery industry, privacy and safety is paramount. Men will no longer deliver marijuana to women patients using the Pot Valet service. Additionally, the company is introducing a new range of cannabis products for women. It is important that women have access to safe, effective, and uncontaminated female products.

Companies saturate most feminine hygiene products with toxic chemicals. Tampons and sanitary pads contain chlorine as a bleaching agent, flammable absorbents, foam, plastics, dioxins, synthetics, petrochemical additives, fragrances, odor neutralizers, crude oil, and even phthalates. The skin easily absorbs these toxins, which cause serious illnesses in staggering numbers of women.

Science links plastics, such as BPS and BPA, to cancer, heart disease and embryonic dysfunction. DEHP damages multiple organs. Phthalates disrupt gene expression. Synthetics also trap damp and heat, as they restrict airflow. This encourages bacterial and yeast infections, forcing women to buy more products to treat it. The safest feminine hygiene products are all natural.

Pot Valet now stocks a chemical-free range of tampons, sanitary pads, and suppositories, so its female patients do not have to worry about harmful toxins. They all come medicated with the highest quality medical marijuana. Cannabis-infused pads and tampons effectively ease the pain of menstrual cramps and female discomfort, while suppositories are for both pleasure and pain relief.

Pot Valet is an online cannabis dispensary based in Santa Monica, yet catering to patients across California and the United States. Its large selection of products consistently meet regulatory requirements for the highest quality medical marijuana, and the company only delivers to valid medical patients.

Its Immediate Delivery Service serves more than 30 cities across California. Patients receive their orders in less than 45 minutes. Those using the company’s Overnight Delivery Service will get their orders the next day, but Pot Valet is expanding its Immediate Delivery Service throughout the United States. Soon, patients everywhere will also receive their medication within 45 minutes.

To order marijuana delivery through Pot Valet, patients must upload a copy of their Medical Marijuana Card and a recent I.D. photograph. The company approves every registration before patients can order cannabis from its online medical marijuana dispensary.  

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