New Strain of Cannabis Emoji Hits the App Store

medicalmarijuana February 8, 2017 Comments Off on New Strain of Cannabis Emoji Hits the App Store
New Strain of Cannabis Emoji Hits the App Store

The text message emoji available on your smartphone are determined by an international tech industry nonprofit called the Unicode Consortium. They’re a somewhat conservative organization, which is why your sex and drugs texts are relegated to using innocent emoji like phallically shaped pieces of fruit or green trees.

But your marijuana-related text messages can now puff, puff, and pass to a higher level. A new emoji sticker app called Bloommoji was released to the public Monday, February 6 in the iOS App Store, and can embellish your text messages with marijuana leaves, dabbing sticks, blunts, jays, clocks that read 4:20, and more.

A joint project between Bernal Heights dispensary Bloom Room and marketing company Bernal Heights Media Labs, the Bloommoji marijuana emoji pack has a distinct Bay Area flavor. The 32-emoji sticker pack features San Francisco-specific images like the Golden Gate Bridge in a cloud of fog and a Transamerica Pyramid-shaped bong. Most of the other emoji will be pretty universal to smokers and tokers, like the green bud with purple crystals, smiley faces that appear to be very stoned, and the ubiquitous honey bear bong.

We should note that Bloommoji is only available for iOS, there is not yet an Android version. Furthermore, the Bloommoji will only show up within iMessage — the texts you send from an iPhone or iPad — so you won’t be able to embed these marijuana stickers into the tweets or emails you send from your mobile device.

But Bloommoji is a free download, at least as of press time. The dispensary Bloom Room does plan to increase the download price to 99 cents, but with that 99-cent download they do plan to offer dank discounts on the price of an eighth and a free pre-rolled joint to qualified dispensary members.

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