New Colombia Resources, Inc. and Sannabis Open Colombia’s First Medical Marijuana Therapeutic Spa

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New Colombia Resources, Inc. and Sannabis Open Colombia’s First Medical Marijuana Therapeutic Spa

New Colombia Resources, Inc., a Colombian natural resource company listed in the U.S., with premium metallurgical coal and medical marijuana assets, is pleased to announce that together with their medical marijuana joint venture, Sannabis SAS, they’re opening their first Spa treatment center for cancer patients and other patients who wish to use Sannabis pure cannabis extract and essential oil legally in Colombia. The first Sannabis Spa is located in La Cumbre, Valle del Cauca, outside of Cali, Colombia. The property is 20 acres of lush landscape with a small artisan coffee plantation with many fruit trees and natural surroundings.

Colombia is known to have the best medicinal marijuana strains in the world; unfortunately pure extracts made from these strains can’t be legally imported to the U.S. and other countries, yet. Sannabis Spa Therapeutic Centers will give U.S. patients hope at a very affordable cost, much less than they would spend in states where legal, while enjoying an atmosphere that offers peace and tranquility. Medical tourism is one of Colombia’s fastest growing industries.

The Center will provide the patient legal access to Sannabis’ products in a very comfortable and safe environment. Spouses or loved ones will also be accommodated at the Sannabis Spa, that provides an in-house doctor that will cater to the patient’s specific needs after review of their medical records. Nurses are on staff 24 hours per day, a local hospital with ambulance are also on standby. Other amenities include maid service, gym, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, horseback riding, ping pong, pool table, Direct TV, Wi-Fi and international phone service included with U.S. number, and a diet designed to the patient’s specific needs. Patients will be tended to 24 hours a day until they get better.

New Colombia and Sannabis believe the safety and comfort of the patient is most important. The center is very safe for medical tourism with precautions taken by Colombian security professionals. Although most of the time it won’t be needed, additional security measures such as personal bodyguards, armored vehicles, etc. are available for clients that require it. Tours and other activities will be afforded to their guests and loved ones. Often times it can be very difficult for spouses of cancer patients so the center will cater to them as well offering a relaxing, non-stress environment.

Sannabis’ standard cancer treatment is 3 months of pure cannabis indica and sativa extracts, cannabis indica essential oil, and a low meat and dairy, high vitamin C diet and IV’s. Dieticians are on staff to prepare meals to patients and guest. Sannabis Spa caregivers are committed to providing the most comfortable environment possible until the patient is able to go home better than when they arrived.

Many cancer patients in Colombia have had much success with Sannabis medicinal products; now the whole world can come to Colombia and have hope. Due to the high dosage of THC that needs to be consumed to treat cancer and other ailments, and the psycho-active effects it may cause, the right environment and care is a must for people with little THC tolerance. Sannabis is providing that environment.

New Colombia Resources and Sannabis make no guarantees as to the patient’s outcome. They will guarantee that their staff is committed to the patient returning home and boasting of the care they received in a beautiful environment.

Upon the success of this first center, New Colombia Resources will be opening a wholly owned Sannabis Spa in Cartagena on the Caribbean Coast. These centers cater to sick people that believe medical marijuana extract will benefit them but live in a country where it’s illegal, including the United States. Although patients and families that want to try medical marijuana have moved or traveled to states where medical marijuana is legal, others are hesitant because marijuana is illegal on a federal level and they may have jobs or insurance policies that prohibit this action.

Brochures and videos will be available soon on the Company’s website as the companies make final preparations to begin receiving people in need, in the meantime, pictures of the property can be viewed here,

Any patient that wants more information about the Sannabis Spa or needs immediate care can contact the Company at

To view a nationally televised documentary about medical marijuana in Colombia featuring Sannabis growers, patients, and management visit the first video on This documentary interviewed Sannabis patients and their loved ones around the country using Sannabis products

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