Most Americans Believe Alcohol Is More Dangerous Than Marijuana

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Most Americans Believe Alcohol Is More Dangerous Than Marijuana

Most Americans are convinced that alcohol is more of a detriment to gears of civil society than marijuana, according to a new report from global research firm DIG Insights.

The first ever Cannabis Culture Report, which comes just days away from the national stoner holiday 4/20, finds that more of the population now has a relatively good understanding about how the federal government has bamboozled the people for decades with respect to the dangers associated with the cannabis plant. In turn, most of these folks are now convinced that it is alcohol that poses the real threat to public health and safety, and that all of this prohibition business has simply been a long con with a convoluted agenda.

Indeed, the population has become privy to what it means to ingest a harmful substance. The study found that around 30 percent of Americans believe that alcohol is “very harmful,” while only 16 percent felt the same about marijuana – a plant that remains mostly illegal in the United States.

“That was particularly interesting to us, just to see that a higher percentage of Americans think alcohol is very harmful compared to marijuana,” said Rory McGee, research director for DIG Insights, in an interview with The Daily Caller. “We’re certainly not commenting on what is and is not harmful, but those are the attitudes in America.”

What’s more is 51 percent said they were of the opinion that the consumption of marijuana could provide some level of benefit for the user. But there just doesn’t seem to be a quick remedy for the stereotypes that have surrounded the cannabis culture for all these years. The study shows that 32 percent of the population believes the nation’s 11 million daily pot consumers are destined to be less successful in life than their clean whiz counterparts.

Although marijuana is legal in over half the United States for a variety of purposes, the federal government has all but refused to change it stance on the issue. As far as Uncle Sam is concerned, anything derived from the cannabis plant is considered one of the most dangerous substances in the world – marking it as much of a scourge as heroin.

But very few are buying this nonsense these days.

Some of the latest federal data shows that alcohol kills around 88,000 people in the United States every year, while marijuana, according to the DEA, has never killed a single person.

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