Medical Marijuana Bill To Be Introduced In Tennessee Today

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Medical Marijuana Bill To Be Introduced In Tennessee Today

According to multiple media reports, a bill is going to be introduced today in Tennessee that would legalize medical marijuana. There are currently 28 states that have legalized marijuana beyond just CBD. Washington D.C. has also legalized medical marijuana. The bill that is expected to be introduced today would legalize medical marijuana beyond just CBD-only.

The bill has been being worked on for quite some time by Tennessee Representative Jeremy Faison. Representative Faison has traveled to Colorado to help come up with a bill that will be palatable to Tennessee’s Legislature. Per News Channel 5:

“I’m going to show what we’re doing, then bring the science in behind it,” Faison said.

The bill would allow for 50 growers, and the first 15 have to go to the most rural areas. Faison said one grow could produce $20 million in revenue, plus 150 to 200 jobs.

The bill also allowed for ten qualifying diseases, including PTSD, cancer, and depression.

The article goes on to quote another Tennessee legislator that expresses doubt that the bill will pass, but Representative Jeremy Faison feels that he has a 65% chance of getting the bill to pass. 75% of Tennessee voters support legalizing marijuana for medical use for people that are suffering from serious health issues according to the Marijuana Policy Project.

The bill that is being proposed doesn’t sound perfect, but it sounds like it is being written in such a way that gives it the best chance of passing. After all, this is Tennessee, which is much more conservative than states in the West or Northeast. Once the bill is introduced, and if you live in Tennessee, make sure to contact your Representative and let them know to support the bill.

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