MariMed Client Opens Nevada Medical Cannabis Cultivation Facility

medicalmarijuana June 22, 2017 Comments Off on MariMed Client Opens Nevada Medical Cannabis Cultivation Facility
MariMed Client Opens Nevada Medical Cannabis Cultivation Facility

MariMed Inc. an industry leader in the design, development, operation, funding, and optimization of medical cannabis cultivation, production, and dispensary facilities, announced today that their client, The Harvest Foundation, opened its medical cannabis cultivation facility in Clark County, Nevada.

MariMed’s experienced team drafted the application to win this cannabis cultivation license, developed the facility and has been retained to manage all its operations.  MariMed will  provide and manage security, cultivation, harvesting, packaging, merchandising , and sales. MariMed will train and manage the staff and provide HR, payroll, compliance, and reporting.

MariMed has selected a unique variety of cannabis genetics that will provide the highest quality of medicine for the qualified licensed patients in the Nevada program.  The growing systems implemented have been validated and tested at other MariMed managed facilities in other state-regulated compliant facilities. MariMed to date has developed five medical cannabis facilities in three states and has six facilities under development in two additional states.

“The process of securing a medical cannabis license and seeing it through to fruition is very long and complex, with differences for every state, that make it very difficult for companies without prior experience to be successful,” stated Mr. Robert Fireman, CEO of MariMed, Inc.  “The MariMed team’s collective decades of experience helped tip the scales in Harvest Foundation’s favor for the license and permit process.  Our proven best practices in cultivation will help ensure a bountiful crop and continued success and growth for Harvest as they seek to provide top quality medical cannabis to ease patients’ symptoms and provide a healthy and effective alternative to highly addictive opioids.”

After receiving the permit to commence cultivation in June, The Harvest Foundation will begin to plant its first crop of multiple indica and sativa cannabis strains that are well known for easing nausea, pain, anxiety, spasms and other symptoms associated with conditions such as cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, PTST, glaucoma, Crohn’s, fibromyalgia, severe arthritis, HIV/AIDS, and wasting syndrome.  The first harvest will occur in approximately three months and the cannabis medicine will be sold to production and dispensary facilities throughout Nevada.

“MariMed’s depth of knowledge has been a valuable resource to us every step of the way and helped us avoid many costly pitfalls that we’ve seen with other cannabis facilities,” noted Mr. Donnie Burton, President of The Harvest Foundation.  “Planting our first crop will be gratifying.  By following MariMed’s proven cultivation best practices we are confident we will provide the highest quality medicine for the largest number of patients.

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