Israeli Pharmaceutical to Distribute Medical Marijuana Inhaler

medicalmarijuana November 29, 2016 Comments Off on Israeli Pharmaceutical to Distribute Medical Marijuana Inhaler
Israeli Pharmaceutical to Distribute Medical Marijuana Inhaler

Syqe Medical, the Israeli company that invented the world’s first medical cannabis inhaler, is now teaming up with Teva Pharmaceutical Industries to market their product.

Through clinical trials, the Syqe Medical has been able to manufacture a product that gives a precise cannabis dosage that is suited for pharmaceutical standards. With the inhaler, doctors will now be able to prescribe medication suited for a patient’s pain level with minimal psychoactive effects. Prior to the invention of the inhaler, cannabis was difficult to administer because dosage was near impossible to control through smoking or vaporization. The medical use of marijuana has also increased in the recent past, as many are turning to cannabis as a way to decrease pain levels.

“Thanks to the Syqe inhaler, we are effectively moving from cannabis use to cannabis treatment,”Dr. Eytan Hyam, Syqe’s Medical chairman, told Times of Israel. “For doctors, the inhaler solves the problem of prescribing plants for smoking, and offers a solution for patients in that, for the first time, they will be able to receive a precise dose of medical cannabis.”

Now with Syqe’s and Teva’s partnership, the cannabis inhaler can now be distributed more widely. Syqe will still be in charge of manufacturing the product, and Teva will now be their exclusive distributor to hospitals, doctors, and any relevant parties.

“Teva Israel is entering the field of medical cannabis out of a deep commitment to patients coping with pain, which is one of the company’s core therapeutic areas,”  Teva’s CEO Avinoam Sapir said.

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