How Marijuana Can Relieve Stress in the Elderly

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How Marijuana Can Relieve Stress in the Elderly

The modern age might bring numerous benefits to individuals and our collective society, but there is no doubt that we live in more complex and stressful times than previous generations. Unfortunately, that also applies to the more senior members of the community. While retirement might be an idealized time of rest and relaxation, the reality is that health concerns, money worries and fragmented families, lead to an increase in stress.

In this article, we will examine exactly why a stressful life can be even more damaging for seniors than for the rest of us, and how hemp seeds and hemp oil can help to relieve stress and anxiety in those who need calmness, tranquillity and a worry-free life more than most.


If you have elderly family or neighbors, you probably think you know them well and would spot it if anything was wrong. But the fact is, most seniors hate to bother people and are constantly concerned about being a burden on others (sadly, another source of stress). Look out for some of the common indicators of stress, such as an unwillingness to socialize, mood swings, changes in eating habits, memory problems, poor decision-making and sleeping problems. Recognizing the signs gives family and carers an opportunity to take action before serious consequences arise.

Recognizing the signs gives family and carers an opportunity to take action before serious consequences arise.


Stress is not good for anyone’s health, whatever their age. However, as we get older we are naturally more prone to other health issues, and these can be greatly exacerbated by stress. It is more important than ever to remain physically fit and healthy in later years through a sensible diet and exercise regime, and stress is hugely counterproductive in keeping these going.

The negative implications for mental health are just as severe. A certain degree of forgetfulness and memory problems can be a natural part of getting older. However, while a relaxed person can laugh it off and focus on keeping their brain active and healthy, it can be a different story if the individual is suffering from stress, turning the smallest problem into a debilitating condition.


Once you have got past the most important step of identifying stress as a problem, the next challenge is doing something about it. A balanced and nutritious diet that maintains a healthy blood sugar level is absolutely vital. Hemp-based food products tick all the boxes, being high in nutrients and proven to relieve stress and anxiety.

How does it do this? It all comes down to Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) and phytocannabinoids (more commonly known as CBD). Hemp seeds have the best ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids of any food source known to man, hence considered a superfood. This means that hemp is particularly powerful in keeping the brain healthy, by providing the EFAs it needs to function properly. It can not only reduce anxiety, but can even reduce or delay the neurological effects of depression and other mental conditions.

Hemp oil, also commonly known as CBD oil, is a rich source of phytocannabinoids, which could also provide a wide array of benefits for elders suffering from mental and physical pain. Early research has shown that CBD could help with anxiety, chronic pain, and even joint pains derived from arthritis.

Encourage your elderly family and friends to give hemp oil or seeds a try in their daily diet, and help them take an important step towards a happier, healthier stress-free retirement.

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