High Times Launches Cannabis-Themed Apparel Line

medicalmarijuana October 11, 2016 Comments Off on High Times Launches Cannabis-Themed Apparel Line
High Times Launches Cannabis-Themed Apparel Line

“The fashion trend in general is about retro and vintage…. You can see it at any show you go to. At the same time, what you’re seeing is this recognition of the legalization of cannabis,” says Larry Linietsky, COO of High Times. “It’s a way to support the movement by wearing the clothing. We think it’s well-timed. [It’s] vintage, counterculture and authentic.”

High Times has participated in some clothing ventures in the past, but this year, because of legalization initiatives in multiple states across the country, it decided to work with partners to create a real fashion line that takes advantage of its brand.

After starting with streetwear that includes hats, T-shirts, jackets and accessories, the line will expand each month with new items. The initial collection, Linietsky says, is very retro — a throwback to theReefer Madness days. “It harks back to the days of people really pushing cannabis into the penalty box and demonizing it,” he explains. “So we’re using some of that imagery as well as our own brand for the clothing.”

The first set of designs from the new High Times apparel line can be purchased from the magazine’s website.

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