Former NFL All Pro Kyle Turley Launches Neuro Armour

medicalmarijuana February 7, 2017 Comments Off on Former NFL All Pro Kyle Turley Launches Neuro Armour
Former NFL All Pro Kyle Turley Launches Neuro Armour

Former NFL All-Pro Kyle Turley, longtime advocate for the medicinal and healing properties of cannabis announced the launch of Neuro Armour, a lab tested, federal guideline compliant, 50 state legal, 100% THC-Free, CBD (Hemp derived) cannabis supplement focused on Bioavailability. CBD (cannabidiol) has shown in studies to have neuro-protective and antioxidative properties that could address a myriad of maladies facing our Military and NFL Veterans.

“CBD has played an important role in allowing me to personally manage pain, cope with CTE-like symptoms, improve my overall health and eliminate the need for prescription opioids that nearly cost me my life due to long term use side effects. If we can allow players and veterans to recover naturally with proper dietary and organic therapies, we should be doing so. Our communities have suffered needlessly with the inherent risks in accomplishing greatness. I’m proud and honored to be a part of Gridiron Greats and ATIF for their constant commitment to finding solutions to save lives and families that will ensure these tremendous achievements are passed on to future generations,” said Kyle Turley.

The partnership perpetually commits significant proceeds from all Neuro Armour product sales and will include donated product exclusively implemented in programs and studies to be facilitated by Gridiron Greats and ATIF.

Coach Mike Ditka states, “Kyle Turley is a great kid. He always has his heart in the right place and looks out for his brothers. If it’s legal and it helps people? We are all in.”

Gridiron Greats and ATIF Executive Director, Shannon Jordan says, “I have personally witnessed how this product has changed Kyle’s life for the better. To echo Coach, if its legal and can be used to help our populations, we fully support Kyle’s efforts.”

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