First Medical Marijuana Crop Harvested In Hawaii

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First Medical Marijuana Crop Harvested In Hawaii

Aloha Green Holdings is the first medical marijuana dispensary in Hawaii to harvest its first crop.

The Oahu-based dispensary said on Tuesday that it has successfully harvested its initial crop from its first enclosed indoor production center.

Aloha Green and Maui Wellness Group, dba Maui Grown Therapies, were the first to receive the green light from the Hawaii Department of Health to begin growing medical marijuana at the beginning of February.

Along with Manoa Botanicals LLC, the second Oahu-based dispensary, and Pono Life Sciences Maui LLC, which also received their notices to grow in February, four of the state’s eight licensed medical marijuana dispensaries have begun cultivating plants.

“The harvest comprised of an above average yield of eight different strains of cannabis with varying levels of THC and CBD content,” Aloha Green said in a statement.

Aloha Green said it is now waiting for the certification of an independent laboratory to conduct required product safety testing.

“As soon as a testing laboratory is certified by the DOH, Aloha Green will announce plans to begin retail dispensary operations,” the dispensary said.

Three labs, Pharmlabs Hawaii LLC, Clinical Labs and Steep Hill Hawaii, have submitted applications to the DOH, but none have received approval yet.

The DOH requires all dispensaries to have their products tested for pesticides, microbial mold and chemicals by a certified testing lab before they can be sold.

“The first commercial harvest of cannabis is an important milestone for patients, Aloha Green and the state’s medical marijuana dispensary program,” Tai Cheng, Aloha Green chief operating officer, said in statement. “We are prepared to meet patient needs as soon as a testing laboratory is available. We receive enquires every day from patients on our opening timeline. We understand their frustrations and promise to provide quality medicine as soon as the state allows.”

Dispensaries were allowed to begin selling products on July 1 last year, but delays in the state’s implementation of the seed-to-sale tracking software kept the dispensaries from growing plants.

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