First Harvest Corp. Launches New Website

medicalmarijuana February 23, 2017 Comments Off on First Harvest Corp. Launches New Website
First Harvest Corp. Launches New Website

First Harvest Corp. announced today that it has launched a new website under the URL –

First Harvest is a platform for tech, media and gaming with a focus on the cannabis industry and emerging growth sectors. This platform spans mobile gaming, digital and social media, e-commerce sales and education.

First Harvest’s platform connects mainstream advertisers to pro-legalization supporters of medical and therapeutic cannabis. The Company uses gaming and digital media as a sales platform with a unique marketing strategy that leverages viral and social mechanisms.

The newly launched website highlights the Company’s two business platforms, (1) mobile gaming – Hemp Inc., and (2) social media –  First Harvest believes its platforms are educational, insightful and entertaining. is a member-based social media platform for subscribers to participate in an open forum with other pro-cannabis supporters in an interactive social media platform. Within one platform, members share cannabis-related news, events, culture, technology, business insights, and inspiration while networking with like-minded individuals.

Hemp, Inc. takes advantage of the explosive growth in the mobile gaming and smartphone market, as well as the rapidly emerging medical and therapeutic cannabis industry in an entertaining strategy-game setting.

“The Company’s vision is to be a leader in building category-defining, legal cannabis-related technology, while advocating for the education of the general public,” said First Harvest president, Kevin Gillespie.

To learn more about the Company and to sign up for “Investor Alerts,’ visit today.

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