Does Marijuana Lower Blood Pressure?

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Does Marijuana Lower Blood Pressure?

Marijuana has been used throughout the ages as a medicinal, as well as an recreational plant. Patients who have been diagnosed with cancer have been prescribed marijuana to increase their appetite and reduce nausea and vomiting. While individuals with chronic pain have been prescribed marijuana for pain reduction and in both cases it has been known to provide great relief.

Marijuana comes from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. It has an active ingredient called THC that makes you feel high. THC and other compounds in marijuana can also affect the way your body works. Most people smoke the plant’s dried leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds. But marijuana can also be mixed into food (like brownies, cookies, and lollipops), brewed as a tea, or inhaled with a vaporizer.

But does marijuana lower your blood pressure? While one group will state there is no scientific evidence to support the fact that is does, another states that is does. Some of the problems cardiovascular wise is that smoking marijuana can speed up your heart rate as much as twice the normal speed. This has led to individuals having a heart attack while they are smoking a joint.

However, chronic use of cannabis in man, as well as both acute and prolonged administration of THC to experimental animals, elicit a long-lasting decrease in blood pressure and heart rate (Rosenkratz 1974; Benowitz and Jones 1975). There is no evidence of chronic use of marijuana causes and significant decline in mental function or physical functions. It seems that the only effect it had healthwise was poor dental hygiene.

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