Diamond CBD to Launch a CBD Product Line with Tommy Chong

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Diamond CBD to Launch a CBD Product Line with Tommy Chong

PotNetwork Holding, Inc. proudly announces that Tommy Chong, counter-culture legend, marijuana legalization advocate and half of the incomparable creative team of Cheech & Chong, has selected its subsidiary, Diamond CBD, Inc., as his partner to introduce a proprietary brand of hemp-derived CBD oil products, under the brand name, Chong’s Choice CBD. Tommy’s brand will include CBD-infused edibles, concentrated solvent-free vaping additives and hemp oil tincture drops. Production of the new line is expected to begin within a month, with immediate online availability.

For more information, go to: https://youtu.be/0o7oQ_5EQA0

As Tommy’s partner, Diamond CBD will offer the new brand to its distribution channels and assist in overall marketing. Tommy Chong stated, “I use Diamond CBD products and love them! They help me relax and often soothe the occasional pain of an old stoner.” He continued, “I want to be part of this 21st century CBD revolution which promises unprecedented health benefits to millions of people and Diamond CBD has a premier line of products, many of which I am pleased to bring to the market under my brand.”

Gary Blum, Chief Executive Officer, PotNetwork Holding, added, “We are honored to get to work closely with Tommy, and anticipate this partnership will further solidify Diamond CBD as the category leader in beneficial CBD products.”

About Tommy Chong: Throughout his life and career Tommy Chong has been an advocate for legalizing cannabis and hemp both medically and recreationally. His movies, live performances and many other appearances all speak to that advocacy in one form or another. Tommy Chong was a pioneer in educating the public about the positive side of both hemp and cannabis and still pursues this goal passionately. He has appeared on all the major networks and most of the large cable franchises discussing the subject of legalization and recounting his own personal use of medical cannabis in both his bouts with cancer and is now pleased to report that he is “cancer free.” Tommy Chong supports many advocacy groups nationwide who are trying to bring legislation into their states to legalize the medical and the recreational use of cannabis along with supporting groups that seek federal legislation. On a personal level, Tommy donates a great deal of his time, personage and public influence to help many such organizations reach their goals.

Currently, Tommy performs in a stand-up comic act with his wife Shelby and Cheech and they frequently perform to sold-out crowds. Tommy’s most recent role was that of Yax the Yak in Disney’s most recent box office hit, Zootopia, which has received an Academy Award along with both Golden Globe and People’s Choice nominations. Tommy appeared in 2014 on the prime-time television production of “Dancing With the Stars” which culminated in his reaching the semi-finals due to his dancing skill and his crowd pleasing performances. www.chongschoice.us

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