Coachella-Themed Marijuana Packs Let You Wear Your Meds

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Coachella-Themed Marijuana Packs Let You Wear Your Meds

Still looking for the perfect Coachella Festival accessories for this year? Have you considered a pot fanny pack?

Canndescent, a Desert Hot Springs cultivation facility, is rolling out five strains of marijuana called “Festival Flowers” Wednesday, which are designed to make the most of your music festival experience.

For a lucky few customers, making the most of that experience could also mean winning a carrying case for your pot that can be worn as a purse or fanny pack. The “iconic” orange case comes with rolling papers, hemp wick and matches, and feels “Sochella,” according to Canndescent.

These wearable cases were designed by fashion photographer and stylist Michael Haber, who said in a statement that after photographing and styling for internationally-known brands such as Ralph Lauren, Target and GAP, it was “natural” for him to collaborate with Canndescent.

The Festival Flower line is available Wednesday through May 1 at the Palm Springs Safe Access dispensary, located at 1247 S Gene Autry Trail, as well as through X Factor Organics, a delivery service that can be contacted at

If you want the limited-edition carryalls or fanny packs, be one of the first five people to purchase the Festival Flowers box at the Palm Springs Safe Access dispensary.

The five strains included in the Festival Flowers box are:

  • Calm: “When the sun is coming up and it’s time to wind down, soothe your mind and body with Coachella Valley Calm.”
  • Cruise: “Shake off last night, ease into that pool party, and coast through the day with Coachella Valley Cruise.”
  • Create: “When it’s time to pick the day’s performances, accessorize or snap your story, find your muse in Coachella Valley Create.”
  • Connect: “Harmonize with the crowd or lose yourself in the beating heart of one another with Coachella Valley Connect.”
  • Charge: “If it’s time to go out for the night, dance at the main stage or hit the VIP after party, power up with Coachella Valley Charge.”

“Using cannabis flower to create the perfect mood or feeling around an activity or event is core to our brand DNA,” said Adrian Sedlin, CEO of Canndescent in a statement. “Our Festival Flowers take what we call ‘The Art of Flower’ to the next level, helping each festival attendee curate how they want to feel at a very specific time and place.”

It’s probably good to bring up the Coachella organizers’ ban on all marijuana—medical and recreational—on festival grounds, so fanny pack there at your own risk.

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