Cannabis Sector Gaining Major Momentum Ahead of U.S. Elections

medicalmarijuana November 2, 2016 Comments Off on Cannabis Sector Gaining Major Momentum Ahead of U.S. Elections
Cannabis Sector Gaining Major Momentum Ahead of U.S. Elections

Marijuana & Cannabis operations continue to assert itself as one of the more rapidly growing industries, as the sector is boosted by nearly 20% of states in the U.S. voting to pass various forms of legalization. The Cannabis sector performers this week include Arcturus Growthstar Technologies Inc. (CSE: AGS.CN), Canopy Growth Corporation (TSX: CGC.TO), Maple Leaf Green World (TSX-V: MGW), Aurora Cannabis Inc. (CSE: ACB.CN), Aphria Inc. (TSX-V: APH)

Arcturus Growthstar Technologies Inc. (CSE: AGS) (AGS.CN) i is pleased to announce that it has engaged the services of Mr. Jim Coullto begin design and construction work at its flagship farm in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. Mr. Coull offers commercial design-build, general contracting and preconstruction services to the cleanroom laboratory, advanced technology, education and healthcare industries. He is known for his highly technical construction and turnkey services, from planning and feasibility through architecture, engineering, general contracting and commissioning.

The Company plans to use the Rhode Island farm to showcase its proprietary scalable, indoor Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) technology, which allows it to produce crops more cost effectively than traditional farming methods, without the use of chemical pesticides, all while using 90% less water and fertilizer. Mr. Coull has experience with Arcturus’ CEA technology, and even helped to refine the CEA system by creating greater efficiencies during growth trial phases.

We are excited to have Jim Coull and his team of construction professionals on board with us in the development and construction of our Rhode Island farm, which can grow both leafy greens and Cannabis says Mr. William Gildea, Arcturus Growthstar Technologies, Inc.’s CEO and Chairman. “Mr. Coull’s reputation for excellence and comprehensive construction management services will ensure our flagship farm’s success.”  Mr. Coull adds, “I am pleased to see this project is underway and look forward to help bring it to a successful conclusion. It will provide fresh organic produce to the Rhode Island Market on a one day ‘harvest to table’ basis. CEA is the coming trend in the food production business, and is of particular importance here in New England where our growing season is very short.”

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