Bluebird Botanicals Wins Top Hemp CBD Company of the Year

medicalmarijuana December 12, 2016 Comments Off on Bluebird Botanicals Wins Top Hemp CBD Company of the Year
Bluebird Botanicals Wins Top Hemp CBD Company of the Year

Bluebird Botanicals won first place in the Hemp CBD category at the 2nd-annual Cannabist Awards. The Cannabist, a division of the Denver Post that serves as the top online news source for legal marijuana, named winners in 40-plus categories ranging from the best in technology to sustainability, hemp, education, medical advancement, events, philanthropy, and more. “It’s a true honor to be recognized for our expansive efforts in the cannabis industry,” said Bluebird Botanicals Founder and CEO Brandon J. Beatty. “Since day one we’ve been working to set new standards, support legislative and social change, legitimize a wrongly persecuted plant, and create a better world – all the while putting the wellbeing of our clients at the forefront.”

Winners were announced at the Cannabist Awards Bash in Las Vegas on November 16, 2016 during the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo. Thousands of nominees were narrowed down to the five best in each category where one winner was chosen per category. The judging panel was comprised of an exceptional group of industry leaders from a diverse set of regions, and judges received no compensation for participation.

The panel used four criteria for judging including how unique the finalist’s work was within the category, how the finalist was pushing the cannabis industry into a better future with innovative solutions, how much of an impact the finalist was making in the category, and how much the finalist epitomized the spirit of what was written in the category description. For the Hemp CBD category, the category description prompted the judges with the following question: Which company truly understands this powerful cannabinoid? In the eyes of the judges, Bluebird Botanicals understood it best.

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