Ask About Pesticide Testing on Your Legal Marijuana

medicalmarijuana March 9, 2017 Comments Off on Ask About Pesticide Testing on Your Legal Marijuana
Ask About Pesticide Testing on Your Legal Marijuana

Although marijuana is legal in some states, laws about pesticide use come from the federal government, leaving pot growers without guidance on what’s safe to spray. Recent investigations have found that toxic pesticides are overused—but in some places you can ask to see lab reports.

Most states don’t require pesticide testing, according to Bethany Sherman, the executive director of the Cannabis Safety Institute and CEO of a cannabis testing lab. Even where they do, “just because a product passes the state requirements, doesn’t mean it’s clean.” She recommends asking to see the Certificate of Analysis from the testing lab, and to really find out what you’ll be putting into your body, take the time to do some digging:

The best option for consumers to ensure they’re getting a clean product is to do a little homework. Knowing the grower/producer and what their practices are is the best first step. Many cultivators and producers (at least in legal States) are willing to provide tours to interested parties. Being educated on lab testing practices is another great way to learn which labs produce reliable results. Many labs also offer tours. Find out what instrumentation is being used to do the testing and how that instrumentation stacks up against other pesticide testing laboratories that are accredited. Do the chemists at the lab have any prior experience testing for pesticides and other contaminants?

In other words, approach pesticides on marijuana the same way you should with pesticides on food: by learning how the farmer grows their product, and what they put on it.

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