America’s First Drive-Thru Marijuana Store Opens On 4/20

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America’s First Drive-Thru Marijuana Store Opens On 4/20

The nation’s first drive-thru pot shop is opening on April 20, the unofficial marijuana holiday celebrated by tokers in cities across the country.

The Tumbleweed Express Drive-Thru is located in Parachute, a small town in western Colorado.

CEO Mark Smith told the Post Independent the store sits on the site of a former car wash. Cars can actually pull into the building so it complies with the law stating pot must be sold indoors.

He opened his first Tumbleweed store in February. It rates high on with four out of five stars. He has since opened stores in Edwards, Eagle-Vail, and Frisco.

Camera crews from a nationally-televised morning show will be on hand at the grand opening of Tumbleweed Express. Smith seems surprised at all the national attention the drive-thru has received.

“I didn’t set out thinking this would be national news,” Smith told the Post Independent. “I didn’t have some big epiphany. I just saw a need for our customers.”

Smith’s customers will be able to drive through and make their purchases from 4 p.m. to midnight, Thursday through Sunday.

Colorado legalized recreational pot in January 2014. Californians voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana last November. As of January 2018, non-medical marijuana can be sold openly by state-licensed businesses.

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